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Privacy Policy

Notice of Privacy Practices

Your Rights.

You have certain rights under the federal privacy standards. These include:
• The right to get a copy your protected health information. To do so, you must submit a written request detailing what information you want a copy of, and your preferred format. We will provide copies in the requested format if it is readily producible, or we will provide you with an alternative format you find acceptable. A reasonable fee which covers our costs for labor, supplies, postage, will be charged. Should you require, and our medical provider agrees, for an additional agreed upon charge, an explanation or summary, as allowed by applicable law can also be provided. We may deny your request under limited circumstances;
• The right to amend or submit corrections to your protected health information. This can be done via written request to include, but not limited to reasons you believe the information is incorrect or incomplete. We are not required to change your health information and, as such, if your request is denied, we will provide you with a written denial. If your request is denied, you night provide a written statement of disagreement to which we will respond.
• The right to request confidential communications regarding your medical condition and treatment through alternative and reasonable means you select.
• The right to ask us to limit the information we share. This can be provided as a written request with the specific restrictions requested. We may not agree to the request if the limitations requested are not allowable according to applicable laws. We will however inform you if the request is denied.
• The right to receive a copy of this notice.
• The right to receive a list of whom your protected health information has been shared with.

The right to file a complaint if you believe your privacy rights have been violated. If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you should contact our Compliance Officer at the number listed below, or by sending a letter detailing the complaint to the address below. You will not be penalized or otherwise retaliated against for filing a complaint.

OUR Duties.

We are required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information.
We will let you know promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information.
We must follow the duties and privacy practices described in this notice and give you a copy of it.
We will not use or share your information other than as described here unless you tell us we can in writing. If you tell us we can, you may change your mind at any time. Let us know in writing if you change your mind.

Uses and Disclosures

Treatment: Your health information may be used by REGENERATE MEDICAL CONCIERGE staff members, or divulged to other health care professionals to provide additional treatment.

Payment: Your health information may be used to seek payment for services provided, if indicated.

Health Care Operations: Your health information may be used to review and regulate the on-going daily activities and organization, management, and operations of REGENERATE MEDICAL CONCIERGE. For example, information about services received may be used to support budgeting and financial reporting/decision making, regulatory compliance programs, fraud and abuse detection, and activities to evaluate and promote quality of care provided at REGENERATE MEDICAL CONCIERGE.

Your health information may also be shared with other health care providers and plans that have a relationship with you, when they request this information to help them with their quality assessment and improvement activities, their patient-safety activities, their population-based efforts to improve health or reduce health care costs, etc. We may also share your medical information with business associates that perform services for us. Each business associate will have written contract with terms requiring them and and associated partners to protect the confidentiality and security of your medical information.

Helping with Public Health and safety issues: We can share health information about you for certain situations such as preventing spread of disease, helping with product recalls, reporting adverse reactions to medications, reporting suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, and preventing or reducing a serious threat to anyone’s health or safety.

Comply with the law: As required by law, there can be certain circumstances other than public health reporting by which your health information may be used and disclosed by our staff Any such use and/or disclosure will be strictly limited to the relevant requirements of the law with regards to any such specific circumstances. For example, we may be required to disclose information in the course of an judicial or administrative proceeding. Additionally, in the event of a breach of any unsecured protected health information, we will notify you as is required by law.

Law enforcement: Your health information may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies, without your permission, to comply with government mandated reporting and for other law enforcement purposes. Your health information may also be disclosed to facilitate law-enforcement investigations, or support government audits and inspections.

Appointment reminders: Your health information will be used by our staff to send you appointment reminders.
Information about treatments: Your health information may be used to send you information regarding any and all treatments and management of your medical condition. We may also send you information describing other health-related services that we provide.


Contact Person.
For further information concerning our privacy practices please contact:
Saloni Amin
c/o Regenerate Medical Concierge
2280 Paseo Verge Pkwy., #100
Henderson, NV. 89052

Effective Date.
This notice is effective on 4/1/2019