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Microneedling (PRP & Exosomes)

Minimize Signs Of Aging

What Is Microneedling Used For?

You might have heard the term “Vampire Facial”, which is Microneedling with PRP. This treatment is used to treat age spots, wrinkles and even scarring. Using a special roller to prick the skin it triggers new collagen production across the treated area. PRP has been shown to drastically enhances the effects of microneedling.

How Does Microneedling With PRP Work?

Before and After Microneedling

First, blood is drawn from the patient. The use of a patient’s own blood eliminates the possibility of any allergic reactions associated with blood transfusions, otherwise known as an autologous transfusion.

Through a process called centrifugation, the plasma is separated from the other blood cells. This process increases the platelet concentration within the plasma. Lastly, this newly formed platelet rich plasma is applied to the cleansed treatment area i.e., face, neck, décolleté, and infused into the skin using a small handheld device with a sterile applicator containing 12 points. The pen with attached applicator is gently pressed against the skin while simultaneously gliding across the treatment area. The specific treatment site is based on both the patient’s preference and the provider’s recommendation.

PRP For Enhanced Results

Before and After Microneedling

This treatment uses your own enriched plasma as an advanced anti-aging and healing treatment so your skin regenerates collagen and elastic fibers more efficiently. The skin reacts to the plasma as it would to a wound and immediately starts regenerating new tissue.

Growth factors in your enriched plasma, especially when directly injected into the skin and surrounding tissues, induce synthesis of collagen. This stimulation aids in the overall firming and toning of the treatment site, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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