Frequently Asked Questions

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What is intravenous (IV) therapy?

IV therapy is a method that allows the administration of fluids, minerals, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Regenerate Medical Concierge’s IV therapy treatment options provide patients with the benefits of maximum absorption. These benefits include increased energy levels, rapid recovery after surgery, improved sleep, strength boost prior to athletic events, muscle recovery following athletic events, stress relief, and enhanced immune support.

Who administers and supervises Regenerate Medical Concierge’s IV therapy treatments?

All IV treatments are created and administered by one of Regenerate Medical Concierge’s trained medical providers (physicians and registered nurses). Physicians will perform an initial interview to review your medical history and help determine the best treatment option prior to treatment.

Is IV therapy safe?

Yes, IV therapy is safe. Vitamin & nutrient IV therapy has a longstanding history of safety and efficacy, and all of our IVs are administered by physicians or registered nurses. Patient safety is our #1 priority.

Is IV therapy painful?

No. There is only a tiny pinprick sensation when entering the vein, to gain IV access.  It’s recommended that patients hydrate the day before and on the morning of their treatment, which allows the provider easier access to the vein. For those with a fear of needles, we also have some tricks to help minimize any discomfort while gaining IV access.

How long does an IV therapy treatment take?

Depending on a patient’s specific needs, treatments can take anywhere from just a few minutes, up to a few hours.

Do I need to make an appointment?

While we do serve walk-ins, we encourage appointments to reserve a massage chair for the duration of your IV therapy session. 

Where do patients get Regenerate Medical Concierge IV therapy?

Patients can get IV therapy in Regenerate Medical Concierge’s office in Henderson, NV, or in the comfort of their home via our concierge services. 

Can anyone get IV therapy?

The majority of patients are eligible for IV therapy. However, there are circumstances under which our medical providers will deny treatment to a patient. This may be because the patient requires prior testing or monitoring, or may have medical conditions that could become worse with IV therapy. Patient safety is our top priority. 

How soon after IV therapy will I feel the effects?

Every patient is different. In general, the higher the levels of imbalance in the body, the more noticeable the effect. However, if you don’t feel anything immediately, this doesn’t mean the therapy isn’t beneficial.

Are there any negative side effects?

IV therapy is generally very well tolerated and poses minimal health risks, and or side effects. 

What is the difference between oral and IV therapy for taking vitamins and minerals?

The oral route only allows a small percent of the ingested vitamins and minerals to actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. The IV route provides delivery of 100% of the vitamins and minerals in the bag into the bloodstream, allowing for maximal absorption and benefit.

Is IV therapy covered by insurance?

In most cases, insurance does not cover IV therapy treatments. We do however provide patients with superbills should they wish to attempt to submit a claim on their own behalf. We are working with various insurance carriers to find a way to get coverage for IV therapy treatments. 

How far does your concierge service extend?

We provide concierge services to offices, homes, and hotels throughout the greater Las Vegas area.

We Also Create Bio-Specific Drips

If there is a specific type of drip you’re looking for, we can create it! Give us a ring for more information.