Epigenetic Testing

Genetic Testing to Help Optimize your Lifestyle

Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Your body is unique, your genetic makeup is very complex. What works for the next person might not be best for you. What if you knew exactly what to eat to maximize your genetic expression? Unlocking your genetic potential is simply a matter of analyzing the data and learning how your unique body responds to your environment, specifically what you eat.

Benefits Of Epigenetic Testing

Using a data driven approach to medicine we are now able to sequence your unique genome and turn that data into actionable steps to improve your quality of life. This data can tell you:

  • What’s the best type of diet for you
  • If you’re predisposed to any diseases or conditions
  • What type of exercise your body responds best to
  • How to optimize your sleep cycles
  • How to fine-tune your supplement intake
  • Much more!

Here’s How Epigentic Testing Works


Complete Your Test Kit & Send It In

Schedule an appointment to come into the clinic to provide your DNA sample.
No eating, drinking (including water), smoking or chewing gum for 30 minutes prior to providing your saliva sample. Within about 2 weeks, your results will be available in the form of a personalized workbook outlining 6 categories of your genetics:

  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Hormones
  • Athletic Performance

Total Patient Cost: $600 Includes your test kit, review session with Dr. Amin, personalized results booklet, custom plans for diet, fitness, and supplementation as well as other lifestyle and behavioral recommendations.

Not Sure What’s Right For You?

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