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3 Reasons Hydrafacial Will “Wow” You

Posted by: Regenerate Medical Concierge in Learn

Woman enjoying face neck massage at spa

It’s no secret that you can refine skin with any number of painful and invasive procedures. But there’s a new treatment in town that can be performed during a lunch break that will leave your skin glowing without the redness and irritation.

HydraFacial uses patented technology and facial tips to remove impurities while adding moisture to the skin. There are many extras that you can add to the moisturizing serum if you want to brighten, hydrate, firm, or touch up.

If you’re looking for a procedure that you can stick with, look no further than the HydraFacial. It relies on the technology more than the person, so you can feel comfortable getting treatment from anyone certified to use the patented equipment.

It’s always great when science-backed beauty is accessible for everyone. There’s a lot of science behind HydraFacial. It’s one of the most convenient and effective treatments you can get!

This non-invasive procedure uses special serums and patented vacuum tips to create an amazing look. You can get individual areas treated in addition to the overall skin tone on the face.

Here are three ways a HydraFacial will “Wow” you on the first visit.

HydraFacial Is Fast

Not many procedures can be finished in 30 minutes. Even fewer will work in one treatment. But the HydraFacial delivers results in the time it takes to eat lunch, and you don’t need more than one visit to notice the difference.

HydraFacial uses a non-invasive vacuum procedure combined with a peel and a moisturizing serum to work wonders on your skin. Rather than poking or injecting, the skin is cleaned out with a vacuum that uses patented spiral tips.

The tips make the work comfortable for you and easy for the aesthetician. Rely less on finding an amazing spa and more on the technology involved to get great results.

It’s amazing what you can remove from skin in 30 minutes. HydraFacial even allows you to see what was removed after your treatment is over. It’s simply vacuumed out of your skin!

Added Boosters Work Magic on Specific Areas

You can get your lips plumped, your eyes touched up, an overall brightening, and more. The power is in the serums that are injected into your skin with our patented technology.

The science behind these boosters is complex, but you can see the ingredients and the elixirs for yourself on our website. These are special mixes that have ingredients assessed in clinical trials. They are shown to measurably improve skin texture, tone, and more.

There are no injections. You can work up to a stronger peel if you want with a doctor’s supervision, but that’s as invasive as it gets. A light peel works on many people to deliver amazing results.

Customize your HydraFacial virtually any way you like. You may find that certain doctors add other things to their serums as well. You can discuss any added benefits with your individual provider.

Painless Extraction of Impurities Via Vacuum

It’s rare that you remove the amount of impurities that a HydraFacial does. The efficiency of this procedure is amazing, but you can spend a bit more time on removal partially due to the fact that it doesn’t hurt.

The technology of HydraFacial is what sets it apart. Normally, you would hunt down the best aesthetician you can find and revolve your appointments around their availability. But you don’t have to do that anymore (unless you really want to!).

HydraFacial has created unique spiral tips for their hand-held vacuum that gently remove impurities. People with training on this device get consistent results without the risk of hurting you.

Thanks to the gentleness of this vacuum, your face won’t have red marks or irritation. There are no injections, needles, insertions, or any other potential factors that may break the skin.

Many of our patients say that the HydraFacial feels more like a massage than a traditional facial. Come try it out and see for yourself!

Visible Results

You’ve put a lot of work into your face. Make sure you get the results you want by treating your skin with science-backed care.

The HydraFacial is an easy routine to maintain because of its speed and comfort. With a consistent HydraFacial routine, you can keep a glow going all year long.

Book your appointment at Regenerate Medical Concierge today. We can’t wait to show you the difference!